Aryaki Leggings are a name synonymous with quality and comfort. Made of cotton fabric, with a spandex blend, the leggings are light and soft and extremely stretchable. Resistant to wrinkling, the leggings do not bag out at the knees, and do not bubble after washing. Aryaki leggings are ideally made for the warm and humid Indian weather, making them suitably wearable even when the outdoors is uncomfortable.


Aryaki makes leggings in four different sizes; in three different lengths; and in different colours. The four sizes are Small (to fit waist sizes between 25 “- 30”), Medium (to fit waist sizes between 30” – 35”), Large (to fit waist sizes between 35” – 40”) and Extra Large (to fit waist sizes between 40” – 45”). The Aryaki leggings are made in three lengths. 42” long or churidars; 35” long or ankle length; and 28” long or capri length.


You can be assured that whatever size and length you require, we have leggings for you. We are certain that you will love the experience of wearing Aryaki leggings and encourage your friends and family to join the family of Aryaki legging users.

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